HS – Automatic Replacement Fluids

Replacement for:

  • HSA IK-820 Hi-Res Ink
Squid Ink's replacement inkjet ink for HS-Automatic HSA IK-820 Hi-Res Ink

Compatible replacement for HS-Automatic® IK-820 Ink

SKU: SI-PZ1000-500HSA

For the name of your local distributor, call 763-398-1734 or CONTACT US

Volume: 500ml

Description: Oil-based hi-res ink

Color: Black

Dry Time: Immediate dry time on porous surfaces

Quantity: 4 bottles per case

Drop in replacement for HS-Automatic printing systems

  • 100% compatible with existing oil-based hi-res inks; no flushing required
  • Dark print facilitates bar code scannability, small character printing, and crisp, clean graphics
  • Filtered to .2 microns absolute
  • Competitively priced as cost-effective alternative
  • Additional colors available upon request

    If you can’t find our product to match your OEM ink part #, please contact us. With our extensive library of inks, chances are we have the ink you are looking for.